Here you’ll find reviews and recommendations from two women who love movies, but abhor what Hollywood does to women. We don’t like bombs, car chases, gore, or tales of rescued hookers and doe-eyed love interests. We do like witty no-guff heroines of all ages who climb trees, flout convention, and lead lives that would make the Paper Bag Princess proud. So grab some popcorn, flop down on your favorite couch with your daughter, mother,sister, or favorite girlfriend, and enjoy!

How do you decide what to review?

Films have to fit with the general idea of the site. We have to like them, they can’t insult our intelligence, women can’t come off
looking like bimbos. 

Can I review something?

We were hoping you’d ask. Obviously this is a hobby site. We
don’t pay. If you still want to write something (and we publish it),
we’ll credit you. Send it in. 

Note: We do not advocate writing for free. It devalues
professional writers. We do it for this site because we love it. 

Will you ever review “Pretty Woman”?


Copyright 1999-2011 afw and hgf

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