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drop dead gorgeous

A viscously funny mockumentary of a scrappy small-town beauty queen cat-fight. Everyone from ambitious ubermoms and their prissy daughters to pregnant drinking teens and lecherous judges take a licking. Not for the overly sensitive, this rags-to-riches tale is punctuated with a shocking number of grisly accidents. The most memorable is an explosion that lands the trailer park mom of one of the lead toe-tapping contestants with a beer can soldered to her hand. Ouch. [us, 1999]

me myself i

Using the Sliding Doors technique of entering one’s parallel universe, a single workaholic is thrust into her fantasy world of home, hubby, doggy, and three kiddies. Naturally, she gets more than she wishes for. While this feel-good gal flick lacks the bite of typical down-under fare, the earthy Rachael Griffiths (Muriel’s Wedding, Hilary and Jacky), finally and deservedly gets a whole film to herself. It’s light and breezy with kernels of wisdom for singles on the “wrong” side of 35. [australia, 2000]


In this energetic movie, set in the early 60s, five free thinking boarding school girls (all up and coming teen talents) subvert a merger with a boys’ school by going on strike. The girl gang also hold secret meetings, scarf tins of ravioli, and devise strategies to avoid becoming career wives. It’s a bizarre blend of social commentary and farce. The dialogue is sharp, the plot speedy, and it’s fun and inspirational — in a giddy school-girl kind of way. [us, 1998]

bridget jones’ diary

Hurrah! Bridget, although not looking exactly as we expected, certainly acts like we expected. Renee Zellweger manages the British accent and bumbling charm of our favorite diarist. Helen Fielding was one of the screenplay writers and the best lines are maintained in the film. Hugh Grant is a charming cad, and Colin Firth, well we can see why Bridget fell for him. You’ve probably heard enough about Renee’s weight gain for the film, but to see a real-sized woman running around in her underwear in a mainstream film is priceless. [uk/us, 2001]

rosalie goes shopping

Rosalie is the same German actress in the Bagdad Cafe: Marianne Sagebrecht. In this movie Sagebrecht is married to an American crop duster living in Stuttgart Ak next to an airstrip. They have more children than you can count on one had. It is Rosalie’s passion in life to find ways to spend their money and devise clever ways to get around their bill collectors. Enough said; I don’t want to spoil it for you. I give it a way up thumbs up! It’s fun, quirky entertainment. [germany, 1989] reviewed by reader Cris Bisch

suddenly naked

The premise of a sexy 39-year-old writer getting it on with a 20-year-old was enough incentive to perk my interest in Anne Wheeler’s latest girl movie. The film centres on a sharp-tongued novelist who deals with her writers’ block by bedding her male fans and relentlessly smoking. Things get interesting when she unwittingly falls for an articulate slacker/writer who is more emotionally mature than she is. Wendy Crewson is hot as Jacky York and will make any woman relish to prospect of her impending 40s. [canada, 2001]

down with love

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE those old Doris Day/Rock Hudson love and marriage romps. Here we revisit the formula tweaked to the max with utterly boss period scenery, bulging innuendo aplenty and wardrobe Doris’d die for. Could there BE more color on the screen in 101 minutes? I think not. Renee Zellweger doesn’t do the Humph ‘n Stomp-off like Doris; instead she employs this sultry, stubborn little pout that’s irresistible. And her character, Barbara Novak, puts the entire Man’s World of 1962 Manhattan in its place using women’s wiles amped up on trigonometry. Bravo! [usa, 1962] ~ reviewed by nancy brown

bridget jones: the edge of reason

This one is only making the site because of the strength of the first, and the fact that you may want to rent them both for a double feature. On its own merits, this sequel to the fabulous Bridget Jones diary doesn’t quite cut it: rather than looking adorable and squishy, Rene Zelleweger and her extra 30 pounds are squeezed and sweaty as they flub their way out of a perfectly good relationship with Mark Darcy and straight into a Thai prison! Bridget does learn her lesson with the help of some Thai prostitutes with real relationship problems, and hopefully she’ll live happily ever after with the geeky but valiant Mark. [US/UK, 2004]

a walk on the moon

Mother and daughter attempt to escape the constraints of their conservative Jewish vacation spot during the heady summer of ’69. Diane Lane is the young dissatisfied housewife whose muted sexual hunger is fanned by the sexy, sunburnt “Blouse Man”. Anna Paquin is teen fury, rebellion and remorse as the daughter whose Bubby announces her arrival into womanhood to the entire camp. And as mom gets down with the “Blouse Man”, daughter tries to seduce her reluctant boyfriend. All pay for their illicit deeds, but at least it’s the gals who do the rabble rousing. [us, 1999]

like water for chocolate

This irresistible Mexican feast of magic and passion is the most sensuous foodie movie around. Here an unmarried woman whose life centres on the kitchen transmits her emotions into her cooking with unusual effects on diners. A wedding cake causes guests to burst into tears; and a meal of quail and rose petals arouses one daughter so much, she bursts into flames and races off with a passing revolutionary. [mexico, 1992]