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For obvious reasons, necrophilia is usually thought to be the domain of disturbed men. In the taboo-busting Kissed, however, a young woman loves the dead more than the living. Molly Parker’s luminous portrayal of Sandra makes her blissful rapture with corpses seem more like a spiritual calling than a twisted perversity. [canada, 1996]

cold comfort farm

At the centre of this deliciously eccentric comedy circa 1930, is the feisty Flora, a recently orphaned young lady with a penchant for Vogue and a wit to match. When she pays a visit to her rustic relatives on their ramshackle farm, their drab existence is forever changed. And so of course is hers. [uk, 1994]

love serenade

With deadpan hilarity, Shirley Barrett’s anti-romance tells the story of two single and very bored sisters who, like so many women before them, fall head over heels with a heel. Ultimately though, they get the last laugh when the women wake up and the tale turns fantastically fishy. [australia, 1996]

party girl

This slightly-skewed Cinderella story features Parker Posey as the party girl, a hip New Yorker who makes her living throwing fabulous parties in her loft. Everything’s dreamy until she gets busted by the police. Rather than granting wishes and posting bail, her godmother makes the party girl get a job, at the public library no less. Here the irresponsible party girl gains some self esteem, and meets a hunky exchange student which ensures a happy ending. Fun! [us, 1994]


A thoroughly odd film about a young woman learning to drive while on her first big assignment as a record company assistant: tracking down an AWOL punk band in Northern Ontario. Shot in black and white this often side-splitting cult film favorite is one of the few good road movies with a female protagonist. Be forewarned: the ending is becomes violent. [canada, 1989]

sliding doors

Sliding Doors is two movies in one. Gwnyeth Paltrow plays a twentysomething Londoner whose life goes in two directions depending on whether she gets on a subway car. If she makes the subway, she catches her boyfriend cheating on her and embarks on a new life where she’s in the driver’s seat. If she misses the train, she ends up pregnant and working in a sleazy diner to support his “art.” A bit weepy in places, but an interesting study. [us/uk, 1997]

not one less

A thirteen year-old substitute teacher arrives at a remote Chinese village to take over for the schoolmaster who must leave for a month. Her idea of controlling her unruly group involves sitting in front of the door to keep them from escaping. Eventually, while planning a trip to the city to rescue a 10-year old student who has been sent there to work, the teacher and her students actually start learning. Sweet, slow, quirky, and appropriate for all ages. [china, 2000]


A prehistoric fish narrates this bizarre but remarkable chapter in a young urbanite’s tumultuous life. In the span of a day, Bibiane is fired from her high profile job, has an abortion, and then, in a blur of boozy despair, hits and kills a Norwegian fishmonger in her car. It’s a watery, bloody, fishy tale of coincidence and redemption. Sound morbid? Surprisingly, this intricately plotted Quebecois film is often laugh-out-loud funny, and boasts an uplifting (and unusual) mix of French folk songs and Norwegian opera. [canada, 2001]

rosalie goes shopping

Rosalie is the same German actress in the Bagdad Cafe: Marianne Sagebrecht. In this movie Sagebrecht is married to an American crop duster living in Stuttgart Ak next to an airstrip. They have more children than you can count on one had. It is Rosalie’s passion in life to find ways to spend their money and devise clever ways to get around their bill collectors. Enough said; I don’t want to spoil it for you. I give it a way up thumbs up! It’s fun, quirky entertainment. [germany, 1989] reviewed by reader Cris Bisch

suddenly naked

The premise of a sexy 39-year-old writer getting it on with a 20-year-old was enough incentive to perk my interest in Anne Wheeler’s latest girl movie. The film centres on a sharp-tongued novelist who deals with her writers’ block by bedding her male fans and relentlessly smoking. Things get interesting when she unwittingly falls for an articulate slacker/writer who is more emotionally mature than she is. Wendy Crewson is hot as Jacky York and will make any woman relish to prospect of her impending 40s. [canada, 2001]