driving miss daisy

In her Oscar-winning performance, Jessica Tandy subverts the old biddy stereotype as a proud old Southern woman forced to abandon the wheel after she plows her car into a neighbour’s yard. The movie, which also won an Oscar for best picture in 1990, explores a 25-year friendship between Miss Daisy and her African-American chauffeur. In this moving portrait of aging, Tandy shows her astonishing range as she ages from a feisty 70-year-old to an increasingly fragile and senile old woman.[us, 1989]

strangers in good company

An unlikely group of septuagenarian and octogenarian women find themselves stranded in an abandoned farmhouse when a bus breaks down. It doesn’t sound like much of a premise, but it’s fascinating to watch the characters interact in this small Quebec film. Most unbelievable is that none of the women are actors. Okay, now it sounds even worse, but this really is a lovely film about aging, relationships, and survival. [canada, 1990]

the trip to bountiful

Geraldine Page twinkles in this adapted stageplay about a woman who needs to return to her roots in Bountiful, Texas before she dies. Her attempts to make the trip are continually thwarted by her passive son and self-centered daughter-in-law. It’s a simple film with a simple message about aging with dignity, and living for today. [us, 1985]