never been kissed

It’s hard not to like Drew Barrymore. Her Boticelli roundness and girlish charm are a welcome reprieve from Ally McBeal’s wafer thin flakiness. And she ably inhabits her character as a high school misfit in this goofy comedy about teen humiliation. But in true Hollywood style, she rises above it all, develops poise, and falls for her teacher in a groan-inducing finale. Call it a guilty pleasure. [us, 1999]

ever after

Make no mistake, this is not your grandmother’s fairy tale: this damsel is not in distress. In this update of Cinderella, Drew Barrymore rescues the prince, fights for the downtrodden, espouses socialism, befriends Leonardo Da Vinci, swordfights the villian, and finds true love. Recommended for those in need of a good fairytale makeover. [us, 1998]