mostly martha

Another fine foodie movie along the lines of Chocolat and Babette’s Feast. Only this time it’s an uptight German chef whose exquisite dishes get screen-time. Martha’s orderly life as queen of the kitchen comes undone when her grief-stricken niece, Lina, comes into her care. The kicker is she won’t eat any of her fine French cuisine. Lina’s appetite shifts when a warm-hearted Italian chef enters the picture with old-style pasta dishes and a way with Tiramisu – and Martha. Features a quirky, toe-tapping soundtrack. Make reservations for dinner after the show. Or better still cook at home. [germany 2002]

aimee and jaguar

The affair between a Jewish intellectual and a Nazi housefrau is portrayed without trivializing the enormity of World War ll. The film’s heart (& brain) is Felice (AKA Jaguar) who poses by day as a gentile for a Nazi newspaper and lives it up by night writing erotic poetry and frequenting Berlin’s lesbian clubs. While Berlin collapses into rubble around her and friends “disappear”, she ups the risk ante by falling for a Nazi mother with four children. The film makes for a fascinating and moving portrait of a little known subculture of war-time Berlin. [germany, 1999]

the nasty girl

A popular, attractive “hometown girl” plans a patriotic essay on her town’s activities during the Third Reich. As she stumbles into Nazi history involving some of the town’s current upstanding citizens, she becomes the “nasty girl.” Clever editing and humourous touches make the film entertaining despite the serious subject matter. [germany, 1990]

run lola run

Fiery Lola, with her shock of punk red hair, muscular frame, and tattooed tummy is pumped and ready to run. And run she does for the entire movie. She has 20 minutes to raise a whack of cash or her boyfriend becomes gangster fodder. She runs over cars, into offices, and after ambulances in an exhilarating obstacle course that flashes, freezes, speeds up, slows down, and repeats itself three times without being repetitious resulting in three unique outcomes. [Germany, 1999]