the journey (sancharram)

This coming of age story set in rural southern India features three friends and a love triangle, and tackles the often forbidden topic of lesbianism. Kiran, Lila, and Rajan are childhood friends in a Catholic area of Kerla in southern India. As they mature, Rajan and Kiran both discover feelings for Lila. Rajan solicits Kiran, a budding writers help in wooing Lila. The resulting heart-felt letters help Kiran and eventually Lila discover the passionate love she holds for her best girlfriend. [us/india, 2004]

the terrorist

A 19-year-old Indian girl groomed for terrorism embarks on a suicide bombing mission and finds herself intoxicated by life’s potential. This lush film evokes the horror of war and zealotry (and their effects on youth), while celebrating life’s simple joys. Images of bullets and carnage mingle with those of luminous jungle greens, hand-died fabrics, modest peasant meals, and the flush of first love. [india, 1998]