mitsuko delivers

“First things first, let’s take a nap” says heroine Mitsuko. This is some advice we can really get behind. Whenever situations get to manic in this   Mitsuko, who is a force to be reckoned with, shares this gem. Mitsko Delivers, a Japanese magic realism comedy (yes there is such a thing), debuted at the 2011 Vancouver International Film Festival . Broke and heavily pregnant by a foreigner (African American no less) and alone, Mitsuko returns to the slum she spent some of her childhood in, and meets her first love. While many might turn to wallowing in their own problems, Mitsuko takes it upon herself to solve everyone else’s instead, to great result. The last 10 minutes of this film might be a bit much for those who are not fans of farce, the previous 80 minutes are a delight, especially to hear Mitsuko deliver her signature line. [japan, 2011]

fear and trembling

Struggling with the type of identity crisis that happens to those freshly (or not so freshly) out of university, Amelie chooses to return to her childhood home of Japan. She gets a job at a Japanese conglomerate as a translator, but ends up, in this Office Space-ish dark comedy doing the most meaningless of tasks. Her only savior is her rich sense of duty, imagination, and need for belonging and friendship: however, these survival traits also become her undoing. At times tender, bizarre, moody, and funny, this film examination of cross cultural-shock in the working world is worth a look, especially if you think your job sucks. [france/japan, 2004]