mystic pizza

Two sisters and their best friend come of age while working at the pizza parlour in their small hometown of Mystic, Connecticut. This is Julia Roberts debut movie and she displays her trademark horsey charm as a small-town girl who takes up with a wealthy young man. Since this is pre-stardom for Julia, the film is actually more of an ensemble piece with strong performances by the other two leads, Annabeth Gish and our favorite, Lili Taylor. An intelligent film for the tween and teen set. [us, 1988]

erin brockovich

Finally, a Julia Roberts vehicle where Ms. Roberts doesn’t need to be saved by prince charming. Julia (and her breasts) star as the title character, Erin Brockovich, an single mother of three who parlays a simple filing job at a law office into a career as the defender of small-town America against corporate corruption. Ms. Brockovich finds something fishy in a simple real estate deal, and digs further to find a billion dollar cover up involving polluted water, cancer, and the unknowing residents of a small California town. Definitely worth seeing. See it your friend who only likes Hollywood movies, or the guy who doesn’t usually like chick flicks. There’s something for everyone. Based on a true story (including the breasts). [us, 2000]