adam’s rib

This chestnut is one of many films in the infamous on and off screen partnership between Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, and often considered to be the most successful. The dueling couple stars as a husband/wife team on opposite sides of a murder trial that questions whether men and women should be judged by the same laws. During the rapid fire arguments some interesting questions are raised about equality and justice. [us, 1949]

the african queen

She may start out as a wallflower, but by the time Katherine Hepburn convinces Humphrey Bogart to bomb a German gunboat she’s a full-fledged dame. This classic flick is the story of a bible-thumping spinster and hard-drinking captain escaping Africa during WW1. Snappy dialogue, and loads of sexual tension make the story, which features mainly Kate and Bogie’s characters and is set on a small boat, zip by. [us, 1951]