Amid greenish-hued cubicles and syncopated musak four office temps try to break out of the office-caste system and become “full-time.” However, in this acme-inspired company being a temp means you’re unreliable, untrustworthy, and mostly dispensable. Indie queen Parker Posey teeters on the edge of insanity as the “veteran temp.” If you’re working at a McJob, this film might just be the impetus to get out while you can. [us, 1997]

party girl

This slightly-skewed Cinderella story features Parker Posey as the party girl, a hip New Yorker who makes her living throwing fabulous parties in her loft. Everything’s dreamy until she gets busted by the police. Rather than granting wishes and posting bail, her godmother makes the party girl get a job, at the public library no less. Here the irresponsible party girl gains some self esteem, and meets a hunky exchange student which ensures a happy ending. Fun! [us, 1994]