little women

This sepia toned film is a tribute to the original book. Starring Winona Ryder as the ever-independent Jo, it also features a strong ensemble cast including Susan Sarandon and Kirsten Dunst. Re-read the book, and then rent the film on a cozy autumn night. You won’t be disappointed. [us, 1994]

thelma and louise

Two gals, apparently average in every way, take off for an innocent weekend at a mountain cabin. A couple of wrong turns, so to speak, and Thelma and Louise are forced to draw upon inner strengths their average lives never made room for and to go to places in the beautifully filmed southwest, and in their own souls, they never expected to go to. Along the way they confront all manner of male oppressors, overcoming most with humor, spirit, speed and sometimes a gun. Inspiring scenery, enthralling portrayals of two women you’ll love forever. [usa, 1991] ~ reviewed by nancy brown

dead man walking

Susan Sarandon is the embodiment of compassion as a nun who befriends and supports an inmate on Death Row (Sean Penn). Here she is forced to face hard truths about her protege and stands by him not because he’s innocent nor because she wants to convert him, but simply because he asked for her help. This brave movie, buoyed by profound performances, breaks through Hollywood conventions to explore the true nature of spirituality and the complex cultural issues that lead a man to perform a monstrous deed. [us, 1995]